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328 gp

GP328óMaking the Difference to Your Business

The Motorola GP328 is an affordable solution for professionals who need to stay in contact but donít require extra features. This workhorse brings practicality to an organisationís two-way communications solution. It can easily increase productivity by keeping its users in contact, yet streamlines their radio useó allowing them to concentrate on their job. The GP328 is designed to endure those bumps and bounces of industries such as hotels, warehousing operations, property management, retails, schools and construction sites.

Communicate in clearer audio quality, result of the special built-in X-PANDô feature. The user-friendly GP328 comes with intuitive programmable buttons for easy manipulation in any situation. Make quick and hassle-free telephone call from the optional retrofit keypad with groups outside your organization, anytime, anywhere. Battery life lasts longer with the switchable RF power level. GP328ís powerful signalling features keep you constantly connected to your team. With GP328, you can be in even when youíre out. All these smart features to enhance your productivity.

GP328 ó The Practical Radio for those who need ...

  • A simple and easy to operate two-way radio.
  • To contact people who are mobile and are often away from their desk.
  • To make several calls to repeat the same message.
  • To manage a facility or more than one building.
  • Majority of your companyís communication needs are within the vicinity.
  • To communicate within a close vicinity.
GP338óVersatile Communication On The Go

The GP338 is the natural choice for someone who is constantly on the go and need an intelligent powerhorse to talk two-way and ensure increased productivity with reduced downtime. It is especially ideal for builders, contractors, engineers, security officers, miners, surveyors and more because they offer an expandable list of features.

Like other model in the series, the GP338 offers superb audio clarity. Feature such as caller identification where incoming callerís name is displayed through the 14- character Alpha Numeric display allows immediate communication of vital information without wasting time identifying callers. Universally recognizable icons on the radioís large LCD monitor clearly displays its features and commands. Itís so easy to use as you scroll through the menu. Gain effortless one-touch communication with the 128 channels available.

And if you require communication with groups outside your organisation, the versatile GP338 is capable of making and receiving telephone calls and pages from virtually anyone, anywhere. Truly, the GP338ís expandability makes it an essential communications tool for any organization.

GP338 ó The Versatile Radio for those who need ...
  • To communicate frequently with multiple work groups.
  • To be on the move outdoor most of the time.
  • To communicate in a high-noise environment.
  • To co-ordinate law enforcement and emergency.
  • Constant up-to-the-minute information.

338 gp

338 gm
Motorola GM338 Conventional MDC Mobile

Perfect for growing organisations, the GM338ís rich feature set enable it to meet your rapidly changing business needs - keeping users communicating at higher levels of efficiency.

In a rapidly changing market, you need a communication solution that enables you to respond immediately to your customer requests and maximise productivity. With Motorola GM338 conventional mobile, you can now enjoy instant and reliable communication to keep your mobile team working efficiently.

Whether you are a courier service personnel where information on direction is critical, or a police officer needing emergency backup at an accident scene, or a transportation company that wants to improve its fleet management, GM338 mobile radios are solutions that let you stay in touch and in control.

GM338 Features & Benefits

4 Customised Buttons

Easy to use, users have the flexibility to dedicate the most useful operations to these specific buttons for instant one-touch access. The buttons can also be replaced with recognised symbols.

Optional Voice Storage

Through an optional voice storage board, the GM338ís capabilities can be expanded to incorporate the recording & playback of messages, or personal memos for up to 120 seconds.

128 Channel Capacity

With a full 128-channel operating capacity, the GM338 conventional mobile allows users greater flexibility to program each channel individually for different power output, private line (PL)/Digital private line (DPL) for privacy call, as well as memory channel and busy channel lock out to enhance communication efficiency.

14 Characters 1-line Alphanumeric Display

The large alphanumeric display with icons such as signal strength indicator and caller identification makes it easy to read both text and icon displays.

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